Öckerö gymnasium

Byssan with our teacher

The day is Sunday and my watch, Babord, is on duty. Me, Stina and Alice are working in byssan (the kitchen) but this time not with the chefs, but Anne-Li.

We start with cleaning and then we prepare for the first “fika” (coffee break). We cut some bread and setting the tables. After this it was about time to start with the lunch. Anne-Li was going to make her famous ceasarsallad and we were really excited. It was really fun, and I think we all enjoyed cooking together with our teacher. The lunch turned out really good and because of the great weather we were able to sit outside. We cleaned up after us and then it wasn’t a lot to do until the next coffee break. Therefore me, Stina and Alice got a 1,5 hour break together. We went to upper deck and laid down in the sun, I also had some time over to write a little bit in my journal.

It’s now time to prepare for the next coffee break and we picked up some cheesecake. And served it to our friends that came for a break. Me, Stina, Alice and Anne-Li were a great team and everything really went pretty fast and smooth. After this we prepared for dinner, and this time Anne-Li cooked Spaghetti Bolognese. It turned out delicious and everyone was pleased. We cleaned up while we also discussed how the day had been really good and fun.

When I didn’t work anymore I went for a run and showered. I also prepared by cleaning and organizing for the packing day to come tomorrow. Then I finished the day by writing a letter with Elsa to the next coming students that are going to live in our cabin.

Ella Frisk, Sa2023


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