Öckerö gymnasium

Calm and sunny on the way to Barcelona

A calm day onboard with winds from the peak and dolphins to port

With Spain on port and the sea monster also known as Ibiza on starboard as you can see on the vague picture above. With the mountain to the left being the head and ears and the rest of the island being the wings. We are still going by engine; as winds are coming from the peak we can’t set sails. Because we are underway by engine the watches are becoming slow but cosy. We have all started to adapt doing homework will rocking backwards and forwards; as we have been underway using engine for a while now most of us are longing to sail right now.

Our course is 030 degrees towards Barcelona where we will be staying for some time. Most of us are excited to explore the city, but we have four more days to sail so In the meantime, not much is happing onboard on Gunilla other than the dolphins who sometimes comes and jumps along the peak of the ship. They were beautiful when they play in front of the boat jumping up and down.

Today we got grapes as snack which everyone enjoyed. We had three lessons for science students which is the closest thing we had to a real school day in a long time.

Now when time is floating by slower than before you can start thinking about the ocean, the rocking and the calmness of being at sea all your vital needs covered your life. You can focus on school, your watch, sleep and being friends.

Christian Löf, Midship


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