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Can’t Swim

The day started off well with an invitation to the bigger but not better ship Christian Radich from Norway. The time was 8:05 AM with 16 degrees and a cloudy sky when we got the news. Everyone who wanted to go and visit the ship needed to be ready at 8:30 outside Gunilla.

One of our officers worked her last 4 years there before working on Gunilla so she was gladly showing us around the boat. Christian Radich was beautiful with pretty details everywhere. I liked it until I saw that the crewmembers didn’t have their own room or regular private space like we do here on Gunilla.

After visiting Christian Radich me and a few friends walked to a popular market nearby. It was located under a big parking garage. Inside there were many people shopping and selling fruits like pineapple, mango, avocado etc, there were all types of fruits and vegetables. I was surprised that most of the products came from places like Brazil as well as other places in Europe and not from the island.

After buying mangoes and some famous pineapples we went to a cafeteria closer to the city centre. We had a delicious toast with cheese and ham. After eating and hiding from the rain we went for a walk around the city going inside small and cute shops. Later, my friends wanted to go and swim in the hot springs. The only problem was that I was the only one who didn’t have a swimsuit with me. The others had already ordered a taxi that was on the way. And because I didn’t want to be the only one who couldn’t swim, I stayed and went to another group which was a few meters away. Sadly, it was the same problem there. We went for a few shops and suddenly they ordered a taxi to go for a swim. It felt like everybody was going to swim and I was the only who couldn’t, because I forgot my swimsuit at Gunilla, and no one had time to go for it with me.

After eating dinner, I found some other friends who wanted to go out to the shopping centrum called Parque Atlántico. We got ready and after 30 minutes we were out. The streetlights were on, and the sky was black already. The streets were empty but still cosy and the temperature was nice, not too cold or too warm it was simply perfect. We were listening to Abba from our little bluetooth speaker and, in the end, the day turned out to be nice.

Jazmin, midships


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