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Can you survive on only Alvedon?

I had had a sore throat for a few days already, and when the roundman came to wake us it became obvious that a sickness had come upon me.

With the help of my friends I dragged myself out of my bunk with unrested eyes. The time was 03:50, five minutes before I was supposed to be on deck for my watch. I hastily swallowed some Alvedon and gathered as much clothes and gear as I could in order to survive the four hours of work to come.

After Leos slightly incoherent speech on the poopdeck it was time to get to work. I can barely recall those hours now, but I know that somehow I managed to survive. Afterwards I managed to sleep away all of my time off of watch duty, so when I woke up again I was forced to endure the same procedure all over again.

Simon Hermansson


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