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Cape Verde here we come

Today I woke up at 3:30 and I was not happy about it. I was even so tired that I went back to sleep and woke again in panic five minutes before I needed to be in the kitchen for kitchen service. It was a long morning and the pancakes we were supposed to serve at the five o’clock meal ended up more like cookies, brown and crispy.

Just a moment after the dissapointing pancakes i heard someone scream ”land in sight!” so with a happy feeling i rushed outside and saw Cabo Verde for the first time.

We were still outside of the harbour later on that morning and got the information that we would anchor for undetermind time which meant that if we wanted to go to land, we needed to take the mob boat Berit. The boat ride with Berit was really wet but fun and when we got to land me and the people I live with decided to do our english documentery about the Marina Mindelo, the harbour. We did some interviews and met a really nice couple who had been out sailing for twelve years which I think is amazing. We gave them our website so if you read this, hi you were really nice and inspiring and I hope you’re doing well.

After all my interviews I went with my friends to the beach. We found a taxi and the driver said that he would take us to the most beautiful beach on the island but the beach was completly empty and there were no buildings exept one resturant with great fries. When we ate these fries a lot of stray dogs came which for me hurt a little in my heart because I could’nt help them in any way at all. We could’nt even give them one fry because that would only make it worse and they would start to fight.

On the way home we sat on the back of the pickup truck that were our taxi. We saw a lot of fantastic sights including mountains with clouds and tiny colourful houses.

When we finally came home to the boat I was completley draind of energy, after all had I been up since four in the morning so we took it slow and watched a movie. To the movie we ate chocolate cereal and is tasted so good. Whilst we watched the movie I fell asleep in my friend Klaras knee and I don’t even remember how i got to bed.

I slept like a rock with the next day ahead of me, waiting with new adventures.

Written by Maja Aderby, midskepp


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