Öckerö gymnasium

Caves and a botanic garden

The day started with a nice bowl of oatmeal.

Then we had line-up and our captain told us that we were going to change place in the harbor tomorrow and our watch were going to do it.

The plans today were very unclear, and everybody wanted to do different things. But at last, I decided to go out and interview people for my school assignment. We went into different stores and asked them questions about their working conditions. To lunch I had a big sandwich, that also were very cheap.

After lunch we went to the mall to shop. Unfortunately, I didn´t find anything. Then some people in our group wanted to look at a movie at the cinema but I had already seen that movie, so our group split up.

My group then decided that we could walk to a lava cave that was about 30 minutes away. Once we arrived, we saw a big line and we found out that all the tickets to visit the cave were sold out! So, it was a long 30 minutes’ walk back. But we found a botanic garden that we went into. They had cool plants, flowers, stones, and caves. Not really a lava cave, but still a cave.

We walked around there a bit before we met up with some other friends to eat dinner. We ate dinner at a good restaurant with weird names on their food. Then we took an ice-cream before we headed back to the boat. It was tasty.

Back on the boat I painted my nails and watched a movie before I got to bed and fell asleep.

Bianca midships watch


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