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Cereal with sugar and a tiny bit of milk

After a shy good morning we woke up at 03:30,  to 30 minutes later take over the watch from starboard. I am post this watch. So fun! Well not really…

Here’s why: my first 30 minutes I steered the ship. During that period
of time I managed to think about why I am here, why I’m not sleeping and
what I feel like thinking about when I become lifebouy guard. Like what
I’m going to eat for breakfast maybe. There’s sandwiches as usual with
lots of seeds on, not really my taste. But then there’s oatmeal but
that’s also a little bit to healthy. There’s one more option at the
breakfast table and that’s cereals with sugar on and a tiny bit of milk.

After my time as a lifebouy guard I rang the bell two times and went
forward on the boat to become the watchman and keep an eye on the ocean
and the boats around. The first shift as watchman is terrible. I’ve been
awake for one and a half hour. Well, not entirely awake, I see lights
that’s not even there. I sometimes manage to see even the craziest
things, like a pirate ship headed for us and pirates climbing up the
sides of the ship just like in Pirates of the Caribbean. I guess you see
what I mean. You manage to think about a lot of things during the whole
shift and when you go off shift you’ve already planned out you’re whole
entire life.

Alright, after the shift I had my daily cornflakes with sugar and a tiny
bit of milk. And with some breakfast in my stomach I finally got to lay
down under the blanket that I had looked forward to for so long. It only
took a few minutes until I was completely out and then slept like a baby
until I got woken up for lunch at twelve. I ate my lunch and then went
straight back to sleep in my bed. When you have the 4 to 8 shift you
sleep away most of the days which is quite nice since the time goes so

Next time I got woken up it was time for yet another shift but this time
I wasn’t standing post and instead I got to be in the workforce. Sadly
the only thing we did before dinner was doing inventory below the floor
in the studentscorridor, extremely fun… Nevertheless we managed to be
done in time for dinner and when we had finished eating we spent the
rest of the time on deck. Mostly just sitting around but we also washed
on deck and cleaned some boxes with some random stuff inside. When we
got of shift I think you can already guess what I did. Straight into bed
and back to sleeping.

Time goes quickly on the boat and now we only have about two and a half
weeks left, lovely! You might think that I sound a bit pessimistic but I
can assure you that I’m writing this with humor and a smile on my lips!

Shira Wikeryd


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