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Chilling at the beach with the police

This day started at 7 am with a rather tired mood. But then we ate breakfast and went on a beach excursion so I just tried to wake myself up, and it worked. While experiencing the beach I get more awake because of the nice weather. After that it was just a chill day.

Today I woke up at 7 am to have breakfast. It was like any other breakfast in the harbour, we sat in the large living room and porridge and bread were what we ate. The plan today was to experience the beach and try to find some organisms that lived there. We walked in about five minutes to the nearest beach from Gunilla and started looking. First of all we found no organisms, but after a few minutes we went further out on some rock below the water, and then we found many crabs. I couldn’t count them, there were so many in all sizes in different colours.

After that we started snorkeling because we wanted to find some organisms in the water. When we snorkeled we looked at our classmates next door who were standing on the rocks and still watching crabs and saw the police coming. Apparently we were not allowed to be on the rocks next to the beach, in addition, our teacher was away at the boat just then to pick up a waterproof camera. It's probably calm after all, the police are probably just unfamiliar with tourists here now in these corona times.

The afternoon this day was calmer, we just walked around the city and ate ice cream. It was really nice to just take it easy after the long trip yesterday around the whole island. But now I think I just want to be on the boat after eating supper.

Have a nice day :)

// Josefina


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