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Chill Mr Sun, chill

December 25, its Christmas day and the Christmas vibe on board is already long gone… As I’m writing this, I am hiding from the sun best I can trying to remember what I did today.

Nothing at all, that’s pretty much all I did. I was supposed to be in the kitchen making food for the “Gunilla squad” but as we celebrated Christmas yesterday we had quite a lot of left overs. This made my job perfect as I was in the mood for chillin’ in the sun. As I stepped out of the galley I immediately felt the sun grabbing my skin and as I searched the deck for someone to bug while they are doing their job I quickly found out that they weren’t even on the deck. Everyone who were supposed to work on deck had escaped the sun were now inside with the ac as their savior.

After turning my head back and fourth a few times I managed to find one lonely soul that seemed to be in need of some company. Heff, that’s now his name. It’s a black and white little fellow with four legs, a foggy nose and a huge smile. When I realized that I had access to the galley and the main chef had a coffee break I took the opportunity to grab a rib from yesterdays Christmas table. I carefully walked up to “Heff” and gave him the perfect Christmas gift. We sat there on the dock enjoying each other’s company until I had to go back to “prepare” the lunch, in other words, heat the left overs and make it all look and taste as good as it did the day before.

Later on, a few hours later I heard a dog barking and I walked out from the galley to see what was going on, and what I saw was an amazing sight. It was Heff who barked at people who got to close to the boat, he barked and showed the people away from Gunilla and then he came back and sat with his water bowl right next to our land way.

So all I can think of right now is how the heck I’m going to smuggle this little guy with me home…

Jacob Carlson


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