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Chocolate in Grenada

An eventful and warm day filled with adventures. Loads of chocolate and laughter.

Today the whole class had a tour around Grenada. Our guides were Mr Frank and Mr Mando. They were really nice guides and I thought it was interesting listening to them talk about the island and also fascinating how much they knew about the island. We also met them yesterday when they came to Gunilla during dinner and we got to ask them questions about whatever we wanted to know. Sadly I was a bit tired that day because I sat guard at the gangplank the whole day. So I couldn’t think of that many questions. Instead I just laid all my focus to keeping myself awake and I ate almost ten potatoes just because otherwise I would have fallen asleep. But today I had much more energy and I could catch up.

We began this morning with a swim in the Concorde falls. It was lovely to be swimming in cold sweet water instead of salt water. We jumped from a cliff in to the water and took really cool pictures. The perfect way to start the day off.

After that we continued on to the Jouvay Cacao plantation and factory. We got a tour and we tasted their chocolate and a freshly picked cacao bean. I was skeptical if I would like it or not because I’m usually not a fan of dark chocolate. But their chocolate was amazing so I ended up buying maybe a bit to much chocolate. But you can never get enough of chocolate.

In the afternoon around 3 o’clock we had our last stop which was a hike in the rainforest around the Grande Ètang. The hike was beautiful but also very warm and now my legs and arms are filled with mosquito bites. The trail was also very muddy so now I cant even see what the actual color of my shoes are. But it was fun walking in the mud and walking over bridges made of fallen trees. We were also lucky enough to see some monkeys and Alva even fed one with a banana. I only looked at the monkeys since I think they are a bit unreliable and scary.

Today was also Olivias seventeenth birthday. So this morning we all sang the happy birthday song for her. Later in the evening me and some others continued the celebrating of Olivia by taking her to a restaurant were we drank milkshakes and ate carrot cake. We were also planning to take a swim on the beach but the time flew away and we had to get back to Gunilla again.

Now I’m going to end this day by reading a book and eat some more chocolate.

Best wishes to all of you back home, soon we all are home again!

Stella Donning, Midship


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