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Christmas feeling in our new harbor

Sailing into a harbor, like Las Palmas, was a new experience, an experience we soon will be used to.

Because of that I am in the eight to twelve shift, I was working by the time we reached land. I was working in the highest yard, the royal, and got to experience from above the sight of the island getting closer and closer. From the yard I could see all my classmates gathering on the deck to get the best internet connection. After our first three days off sea people were already missing snapchat.

After lunch we got off our shift and were now free to enjoy the town off Las Palmas for the day. A big part off the class, with me included, went straight to the mall. It was time for refilling the candy storage before leaving to Kap Verde. While walking through the city I got reminded off that Las Palmas is a tourist destination, unlikely from Safi. Here couldn’t we even walk more than fifty meters before seeing signs in Swedish and meeting Swedish families being here on their holidays.

Another big difference from the cities are the Christmas decorations. Because of that they don’t celebrate Christmas in the Morocco it was hard to get into the Christmas mood, while in Las Palmas there were Santas around every corner. This made me think about my family celebrating Christmas without me this year, and me celebrating Christmas with my new, very big family. Because that is what the class is starting to feel like: a big, crazy family.

And this year I am more than happy to sail into harbors, search for internet connection, gather on deck and celebrate Christmas with them.

Clara, portside


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