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Christmas music and dolphins

03:30 Ellen came in ”your watch starts in 30 mins” I got up as fast as I could to get as much time as possible to get ready and drink my coffe. I was galley-watch so we started to get the ingredients to make pizza for the night fika. The pizza was delicious and our watch finally got their pizza after there had been a misunderstanding two night-watches back so we didn't get pizza.

Me and Emma wanted to make a cozy and nice night Fika so we went down got our speakers up and put on some Christmas music, yes Christmas music! Its the first of November and we talked it trough and came to the conclusion that its okay to start listening to Christmas music so we made everyone in our watch, even if they wanted or not, have their fika to some nice chill Christmas music. After that we were going to start cooking breakfast, it´s Sunday so we had eggs and bacon. The whole galley smelled like bacon and the oven made a bacon fog The spread all over the room. After the watch we went for a nap until lunch.

When we woke up we had a beautiful day outside, sadly we had no wind but the dolphins that jumped along the ship made up for the lack of wind. The whole front deck was full of people tanning and enjoying the nice water and looking at the dolphins. Later that day some wales came swimming by and we even got some sails up and tried to sail on the little wind that we had though it turned out that we had to take them down in the end it was all worth it.

Ivar Olausson


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