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Christmas onboard Gunilla and saved by a couple

Yesterday was the seventh day onboard Gunilla but also the 24th of December and Christmas. A Christmas far away from the normal celebration that we’re used to and far away from our families. The Christmas onboard Gunilla was different, but so fun and an experience, so merry Christmas everyone.

One of the best parts of today was that we were able to sleep for three extra hours, this was a really good Christmas gift. After the morning line up the chefs had made us a Christmas brunch, with a lot of typical tasty Swedish Christmas food. For example Christmas ham, herring, eggs and some santaporridge with suger and cinnamon. After that Anne-Li had prepared a Christmas quiz-walk with a lot of funny questions. The result has not been announced yet but I can guarantee you that my team ”grillchipsen” is the obvious winner. The day continued with Donald-duck, good food and candy, and hanging out with friends.

Around 8 pm and after my daily power-nap, we ate some more Christmas food then me and some friends took the train to Lissabon city. The thing was that we did not know how to buy tickets so when we jumped off the train, there was no way to get out without showing a verified ticket. So we were stuck until a couple came and saved us, by buying us tickets on their all year around ticket. Everyone got smashed between the door that opened when the couple scanned their tickets, including the couple self. So overall this was a very good and fun Christmas, even though covid-19.

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