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Christmas on the Atlantic Ocean

This was a special day, a special Christmas day, probably the most special Christmas day we will have in our whole life and we got the best start on it…

During our night watches, we all got a piece of gingerbread dough which we could bake our own gingerbread cookies of (or just eat the dough ;D).

When the sun rose, most of us were asleep. At twelve o’clock, we got up and were served porridge. Delicious!

An hour after the lunch, we had a Christmas gift game. We had all bought a gift and then we threw dice and depending on what the dice showed, we either switched gift with another person on the table, got to anther table or just gave the next person the dice. In the end of the game, everyone had got a gift from another person. We opened them up and (surprise surprise), most of them contained Swedish candy. It was more than appreciated!

Every watch had prepared a pawn based on a piece of Donald Duck Christmas edition. It was offered Lady and Lufsen, Robin Hood and The Bull Ferdinand. It was spectacular and really funny shows! It resulted in a lot of laughs and applauds.

Five o’clock we were served a fantastic Christmas table which our amazing cooks had made. We sat on deck, ate, talked and looked out on the big Atlantic Ocean.

We did a quiz which were about everything possible and after that we watched Donald Duck on the sail. The cooks had made a really nice saffron and almond masse pastry and had put up three big boxes of chocolate candy which we ate while watching Donald Duck and his friends.

Finally, the Santa Claus come. A Danish one. He gave us everybody a Christmas gift, which we opened together down in the big messroom.

Everyone seemed to be very happy about this day. It isn’t so terrible to celebrate Christmas on the Atlantic Ocean.

Märta B


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