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Clear contrasts

Today has been an eventful day, to say the least. Our (Portside’s) day started at 04:00 am with watch.

The sea was calm and after our shift, we were lucky enough to enjoy the sun because of set classes. The sun was very hot but we could cool off in a saltwater- shower that was sat up on main- deck. After many hours in the sun we were very tired and almost the whole watch went to sleep before going to work again at 04:00 pm.

Well rested, if you ever get that on Gunilla;), we went back to work and this time were we expecting an exciting cold front. In the end of our watch we suddenly could feel cold winds, and see dark clouds getting closer. A minor storm swept over us and we had to make a drastic turn with help from the other watch, midship. In rain, wind and the dark, we had to pull in tampers and now it was very important to listen and follow orders. It felt like we were in the movie ”Pirates of the Caribbean”, at least we students felt so, haha! The cold front put some life and action to the watch and it became a very nice atmosphere where collaboration was demanding. We sailed as fast as 11 knots and the waves were around 5 meters high. The watch ended with a big smile on the lips of Portside.

Another significant event for this day is that we put back the fishing lines in the water. Now we are excitedly waiting for fish again, and you will definitely be updated if we will get any!

Great Regards


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