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Climbing high!

My hands are stiff from the pulling of ropes and salty from the ocean when we climb up the mast to tie up the sails in the sunrise.

The sky is sprinkled with thousands apon thousands stars, even though
they fall one after one. The moon lays up and down, looking like a U instead of a backwords C. We have been watching sea turtles and small fishing boats when we slowly sail in to Mexico. At eight o’clock are we finally eating the best meal of the day, better than the cookies at 5 am, better than the fruits at 3 pm and the honey sandwich at 10 am. The porridge, that we eat with apple sause or lingonberry jam. The cornflakes and milk hysteria has not cooled down completely, but with porridge
have we no right to complain.

After lunch are we allowed to go a shore, so me, Olivia, Moa and Emil jump on one of the cruisingships (who we share the pier with)s buses in to Progreso. I had borrowed a book from Andrea, Omständigheter written by Annie Ernaux, that I was looking forward to reeding. We sat down at a resturant by the beach, ordered one big pinada (pina colada sin alcohol) and some guacamole. While the others started calling home, study and download music, did i start reading. I read and read,
completely caught up in the book so that I barerly noticed the waiter asking if we wanted something else, I ordered a lemonade as an excuse.

It is very hot here, suprise we are in Mexico, but it is extremely hot. Where we sleep is it over 30 degrees celcius so to be able to breath have we left the doors open, which has lead to bad sleep because of noice from the other students. So, me and Olivia went back to the boat at dinner time because we were so tired. I think we will sleep up on deck tonight, either on our madresses or in a hammock.

Alice Arvas


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