Öckerö gymnasium

Climbing in the sunset

The day began at 11 a clock when we were woken up to go on watch. We ate breakfast and then put on our watch clothes. The last few days the weather has been cold, so I wore my slickers. Today I was what we call “Roundman”. My task is to go rounds every hour.

The roundmans task is to make sure everything onboard is working as it should. During night the roundman is also supposed to do all the laundry and fold it in to the right place.

After watch we climbed up in the rigg to take photos of the sunset. It was very cold but so beautiful. We also took some picture for our assignment in sports. It is about ergonomics, and we are supposed to follow someone onboard around for a day and study the dangers in their everyday life. So, I took some pictures while my friend pretended to furl a sail.

I spent most of the night watch in the big messroom folding laundry. It was kind of boring but nice to get away from the cold weather outside. As night “fika” we got pizza toasts which is really good. It’s just a toast with ketchup, oregano, and cheese. It is so easy to make. You should really try it!

Ingrid Rossander


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