Öckerö gymnasium

Coca cola and caye caulker

This is our second off-boat day in Belize. My watch sat anchor-watch this night.

The System is built upon that everyone in the watch, watches the anchor two hours in shifts. I got my favourite-time this night: 04.30-06.30. Most students consider this time to be one of the worst shifts. But I think it is the best time because you wake up just before everyone else gets up at 07.15. This is one of the few times when I can be by myself on the boat.

At 8.15 my watch starboard and midships got off the boat all our bags where packed with swimming suits because most of us took a taxi-boat at 9.00 to caye caulker. I have almost never felt so good as when we got of the taxi boat at caye caulker. It was so beautiful. After the quite intense visit in Cuba this was exactly what we needed, a whole day of swimming sunbathing and drinking real coca cola againJ

This day was one of those days when we just cannot stop talking about how fantastic it is that this is our school. I probably send some quite braggy pictures to my friends in Sweden, where it was raining and 2 degrees…

At 17 pm we took the taxi boat back, sunburned but very happy. Almost all the boys in the class has taken shells with them to sandpaper and make them very pretty. The shells smell a little but it is okay.



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