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Crocodiles, Crooked Tree and Cards

Today was the warmest day here in Belize and it was also our third and last day in Crooked Tree Village. The days here have gone by very fast, and it feels a little bit sad to leave.

The day started 7am when someone opened the door to our room and sunlight poured in. Half an hour later me and a group of 17 other students came to the campsite where the breakfast was waiting. Today the breakfast was two slices of homemade bread, beans, tomato salsa, sausage and fried egg. It is not something I would eat at home but on an inland island in Belize it tasted amazing!

After breakfast we had free time until 10am when we went on our third and final bird walk. The purpose of the walk was to look and learn about the different birds Crooked Tree Village has. But our guide talked more about the trees, plants, insects and other animals than about the main purpose - the birds. We were able to see a 10 fot crocodile and a 3 fot lizard. I spent the last half hour before lunch in one of the four hammocks the lodge had. The plan was never to fall asleep, but it was to comfortable not to.

We left Crooked Tree Village after lunch and was back in Belize City by 2pm. Because it’s Sunday today almost everything in the city was closed. It was a hard time trying to find someplace to eat and hang. Finally we found an place called Igloo, which served ice-cream, had wifi and were open. A perfect match for a group of hungry students. We played cards (guess who won! (it was me, with just one point more than the one on 2nd place)) and talked to our families back in Sweden.

7pm the taxi boat picked everyone up and took us back to our beloved Gunilla.

Emilia, Starboard


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