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Crooked tree

My Saturday morning started at 7 am with a friend shouting " The bus is here, we have to leave in 5 minutes!!". During my wakening I realised I'd spread my belongings all around the room and had to spend those 5 minutes packing my bag, brush my teeth and put some clothes on at the sime time.

Now you probably think this sounds like a not so pleasant Saturday morning. But with the fact that the room I'd slept in was with some fine friends, in some king of Bungalow in some Bird resort somewhere i Belize- you should rethink and realise we do have a very good time here. We spent the whole weekend relaxing in this resort, called Crocked Tree, and took part of a beautiful animal life and refilled our lack of sleep. Imagine to be able to spend hours in a hammock with a beautiful viev over a sea reading a good book when you're used to severals of hours a day working hard, fewer hours sleep and sometimes longing for land. I like saling, but I love relaxing.

This Saturday we participated in the locals making of rise and in the process of cooking cashew nuts. My watch, the Starbeasts as our teacher named us, lost two games of "brännboll", but later during dinner we won more discussions. So according to me, we're even!

Before going to bed, we got to know some local youths over a game of basket and conversations. According to me, this is one of the best things with our school- we get to meet people and share their culture and life in a simple, unforced way.

Vera Lindquist, sas1417


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