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After being woken up by Maja H at 7 am I rushed up to get some breakfast. I got to choose between yogurt or porridge, and of course I choose porridge with sugar and cinnamon. After eating up I got down to change clothes.

The weather seemed to be pretty nice, so I changed to shorts and a t-shirt. Today I´m rondman, which means that my task is to control and check around the boat and down in the machine room every hour. I started the watch by checking the machine room and writing down some numbers, and after this I started with laundry. The rest of starboard was setting some sails while I was doing this.

At 10 am it was time for fika. We ate some warm sandwiches and drank a lot of water, because the sun was steaming hot. After this we got a lesson in how the life wests work by one of our watch leaders. It sounds a bit boring but it was actually pretty interesting. I learned a lot. Now the time was starting to get closer to 12 am, and therefore time to prepare for letting another watch take over. As a rondman your task is also to wake the next coming watch up, so that’s what I did.

When in my spare time I first ate some lunch, it was tune fish salad. Then I went down to get some rest. At 3 pm the lessons where starting, and on today’s schedule it was history. Our assignment is to question the reability of information we got in a museum in Cuba. I also studied some Swedish by reading the book we got to take with us.

Now the clock is 5 pm and it’s time for today’s dinner, fried rice. I was feeling a bit seasick so I just ate a little bit and then I went down to take a nap. I fell asleep directly and the next second I woke up to Maja’s voice saying its time to go on watch again. I put on some clothes and got up on deck pretty quickly. Then I just sat there listening to Martin reading a book to the watch before us.

The watch went pretty fast so the next thing I knew it was time to go to bed. And so I did.

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