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Culinary food

As usual this morning we were woken up by the engineer assistant. He told us that it was t-shirt and shorts weather, but when we came up on deck it was cold and not at all as warm as we were expecting.

We were lucky because it was sunny and more than 14 degrees which is our hottest day since we left Öckerö, but it was not the t-shirt weather that we had been promised. Therefore, we went down and put on some more clothes, but still less clothes than what we usually wear.

On our watch we used grease leather, but our watch leader told me that I could do baggywrinkles instead, since I worked in the rig yesterday when I should have been doing baggywrinkle. After that was it was time for lunch. We were served a meal just in my taste, spaghetti with vegetables in tomato sauce.

When our watch was over, we went back to sleep again until it was finally time for dinner, schnitzel with smashed potatoes and peas, yummy. Then we had a history lesson in which David spoke about Northern Ireland and we listened to some classical Northern Irish music. The day ended with a wonderful watch, during which we looked at the stars. I saw my zodiac sign pieces in the sky.



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