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Today we’ve done a lot of stuff. It started out with us being on guard duty from 4-8 in the morning. I was ”Rondman” so it was pretty chill for me, while the others were out climbing in the ”rigg”.

Then we ate breakfast and went to sleep for 2 to 3 hours. After that we ate lunch and then we finally got started with our schoolwork. This day we had history, social studies and math. It was all pretty standard and a soft start after our hiatus in Las Palmas.

Then we started our second shift of guard duty for the day. This time we had to take up the sails at the top of the masts, in Swedish its called ”röjeln”. While me and Elin were doing this in the front mast we noticed people yelling and filming something in the sea. We asked what was happening and they said it was dolphins. We turned around and noticed them. It was a really unique experience.

Then we went down to eat dinner. On the menu was Johannes Fantastic Fish Soup which tasted amazing. It had shrimp and mussels.

We talked about our experience with the dolphins there and then our guard leader chimed in. As it turned out, we’d actually seen wales and not dolphins, which is even more amazing according to me.

Thats it for today,



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