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Dancing with communists

If I had to choose one word to describe this day, I would describe it as: peculiar.

Since there has been some difficulties about getting into Havana it felt unrealistic as we finally made it off the boat. This country that we have heard so much about but still know so little about. We started our fully booked day by a city tour guided by a lady from Havana employed by the state. We were all exited for doing some sightseeing to get to know the city especially those of us who were supposed to have watch! After a two hours long tour, lunch came at the right moment. For lunch we ate the Swedish dish potatis- och purjolöksoppa since we had two guests on board from the Swedish embassy. After we had shared a meal together, they held a presentation about their work in Cuba and the present situation in Cuba. It wasn’t just interesting but also refreshing to talk to someone about Cuba who doesn’t comes from here just to get some perspective.

Afterwards buses were waiting for us to take us to a museum. On board were also our guide who kept talking about Havana. Since we don’t have access to Wi-Fi, we used our guide as Google and asked questions that could help us writing our assignments. In the museum we learnt about terrorist attacks towards Cuba performed by the U.S. and CIA. Some parts of the facts in the museum got me a little bit confused and hesitant since the museum showed us things from a new, very different perspective.

The last point on our to-do-list was to meet with the CDR (the community of defending the revolution). We met up in a street where they played loud music and served us both food, drinks and dessert. We had a long conversation regarding their organisation and Cuba’s form of government, for example we asked them whether communism is democratic or not. At last it was time for the obligatorily dance. From having a city tour by the state, to meeting swedes just like us, to a museum about terrorism to dancing with communists I would describe this day as: peculiar.



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