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Dark safari

Today I started my watch at 4 am as usual. At this time it is dark outside and we had to learn every name on the diffrent roaps onboard in the darkness. Hard but very fun!

The first days I was so seasick, I puked 11 times in 24 hours… Our medic gave me a seasick plaster yesterday which helped a lot. Today I felt really good untill around 6 am, it felt like someone was stabbing me in my stomach. I`m okay now, nothing to worry about.

We have not only done dark safari, we have also seized sails, I think that it is pretty scary to be in the rig. I guess I might be a little scared of heights…

In additon we also had our laundry day today, and when I was suppoused to pick up my clothes I realised that all of my white laundry was gone. The only thing I found was one of my white t-shirts. I think the laundry machine is hungry… If the laundry machine is hungry I totaly understand becuase my stomach has been screaming for food the entire day. Lucky me, it was ”flygande Jacob” for dinner, wich is really good.

Even though there´s only been a few days here on the boat, I already feel like I´ve developed as a person. I think ive become more independent. However, there are times when i miss sweden and my family and loved once as well. I hope you all are doing good and take care of each other!

Klara Högberg, SA2023


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