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Day 12. The 28 of October 2016

Today we arrived in to the port of Malaga, after we had lied two days at anchor outside Malaga.

We arrived to about 10 am this morning. I was a sleep when we arrived so I don’t know how the mooring went, but I guess it went smooth because we were moored when I went up on deck.

I was a sleep because I had my shift 12 pm at night. My watch group had harbour guard today, so we were not allowed to go in land. 3 people of the group guard the gangway, and 3 people are in the Galley (the kitchen of the boat) and helps with the food and the diches. The rest of the group need to help fixing the boat, like painting or oiling.

The first thing we did was to clean the deck, and then we oiled the railing and the platform in mast. Malaga has a really nice whether this time of year, so it was really hot today. After we had cleaned the inside of the boat, we went up in the mast to practise beslå a sail.

Then we ate dinner it was chilleconcane with rise, it was really good. My guard duty ended after dinner, and that was this day.

Nils Eklund


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