Öckerö gymnasium

Day 16

From today, it is the longest time we have been at sea. Last time we were out for this long, we also crossed the Atlantic Ocean (but the other way).

Somethings are reminding me of last time, for example we are slightly losing track of time… Somethings seems like yesterday while others like two months ago. Even though the events may had happened in the same day or at least in the same week.

Yesterday my watch Portside, went to bed and we were expecting no beauty-sleep because of bad weather, but most of us slept well – Midships on the other hand had an awful time on deck. It was windy, wavy and a lot of rain. The poor helmsman had an important but very hard job.

In the morning, there was sunshine and most of us woke up as nothing had happened. Our watchleader Sara, told us a couple of days ago that we have old ropes and that we may use them to make carpets. So, we did, today. We sat in the sunshine, made carpets and it was exiting. It was a bit stressful because you want it to be right and to make carpets is a lot harder than anyone of us expected. We had a lot of fun, and maybe you that reads this right now, may get a carpet made by us when we get home.

Best regards E from Portside.


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