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Day 21 at sea

Today we celebrated a huge milestone. By eating ice cream and listening to Bon Jovi's Livin On A Prayer​, we celebrated that we are halfway home.

It is important to note that this applies to distance and not time, but it still feels like an accomplishment beyond words. Knowing our class however, it is hard to say if we were happier about the milestone or the ice cream.

I actually prefer to count nautical miles over counting days. Firstly, you can always see the number of remaining miles go down no matter our speed. Secondly, you know exactly how many miles that pass on a watch which makes it feel like we actually move forward. Time is much harder to count in my opinion. You don't really have anything to count down from, you can only count. So right in this moment, we are at day 21 with about 2763 nautical miles to go. So no matter how many days we have left, we at least have half the distance.

In lack of other writing material, I would like to bring up a thought. Here on board we are so distanced from the rest of the world that it is hard to get perspective on things. Sometimes you just stop and think about what we are actually doing right now, like a small flash of realisation. We also talk about it a lot, how strange it is. To think that about two years ago, 17 days at sea seemed like forever when we crossed the Atlantic for the first time. Now we do more than double of that. In our Gunilla-bubble we also do not think about it as such a big thing most of the time, but being contacted by television and newspapers you kind of understand how cool this actually is. One day we will look back at these times and actually take this all in.

You know you've been out for too long when all of the blogs start to look like this. But if there is something we have onboard its time, and a lot of that to think.

Halfway there, Philosophical Flis


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