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Day of departure

Since it was the day of departure, the port and sea routine got mixed together which meant that we still woke up at 7 am and ate breakfast as usual, the only thing different about this day in particular was that we weren’t allowed to leave the boat so I went down to my cabin after breakfast and a short meeting with the crew and tried to sleep.

The reason I tried to rest after a full night of nourishing sleep is because we have the 12-4 watch and if you don’t get some sleep you will be awake for more than 20 hours and that isn’t exactly easy. But unfortunately I couldn’t sleep so I cleaned a bit in my cabin and let me tell you that was well needed since I couldn’t see my reflection in the mirror between all the dirt. When my fellow cabin members woke up we talked and gossiped a bit before realising that we had talked for 2 hours and that it was time for our watch. We all stumbled out on deck and were a bit surprised when we saw that the sails still weren’t set. Luckily the captain told us that it was because we had the wind from the wrong direction und couldn’t set the sails until we were gonna change the course which wouldn’t be on our watch. I was very relieved because that meant it would be a nice and chill watch. It turned out it would be more chill than I thought, at 1 the captain announced that we would have a bathing stop so we changed into our bathing suits and had a nice swim in the blue but plastic filled sea. After that time flew away and suddenly our watch was over and i finally got my well needed sleep and woke up at exactly 8 pm and watched movies with Wilma and Mira until we had watch again.

Overall it was a nice day and I think we’re all coming to the realisation that these 2 and a half months are coming to an end because the only thing we talk about is what we’re gonna eat when we get home. In some way it also feels weird that in less than 2 weeks we’re gonna be sitting in the cold again and fighting our way through the snow but that thought doesn’t bother me at all. It’s strange but I actually miss the cold which is something I never thought I would say.

Agnes Werner, Port watch


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