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Deep thoughts and big waves

We are now leaving La Palma behind us and are heading to our last port with Gunilla – Las Palmas. It is only a few days left on our voyage with Gunilla and the end of our trip is near.

Today was our first day at sea after our stay in La Palma. My day started in the early morning. It felt so weird standing on deck this morning looking at the island slowly fade into the distance. La Palma was a beautiful place, and I was a bit sad that we only got a short stay there.

I sank deep into my thoughts as I stood there on the deck. I thought about the fact that I will be back in Sweden one week from today. My thoughts then went to the week before I went on this long voyage. I remember it like yesterday; it was the last week of January. I sat at home and was a bundle of nerves for the whole week. At that time, it would feel unrealistic knowing where I am today with all those memories.

Suddenly a cold breeze swept across my face, and I became aware of La Palma fading even further away into the distance. The sadness that I earlier felt was gone as I remembered a quote that I have read somewhere, “You can´t discover a new land without first losing sight of the shore”. With that in mind and the knowing that I will experience more adventures on Gunilla in the future I got back to work again.

After the work I ate breakfast and then I went to sleep. I was in shock when I woke up again since the waves had grown bigger than before. As soon as I got out of bed I fell to the floor. I slowly felt the seasickness coming. The rest of the day became a fight against the seasickness. I tried everything to handle the nausea, but the waves only got bigger and bigger.

Elin, port watch


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