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Delayed departure

 A day full of excitement, food, music and sunbathing on the foredeck. Even if the day started with some dissapointing news, we did the best out of the situation and it turned out to be another great day.

This morning at 7:55 am sharp all crew members lined up at the main deck as usual. Everyone was excited to hear from the captain about any updates on the engine prognosis. He told us that it's still to be unkown whether we are going tomorrow or not at all. The Spanish engine workers have been working to fix the engine for two days in a row at this point, unfortunately with a rather limited success. Since we didn´t get to leave today as planned we kept on going with our scheduele.

Today I´ve been working as a galley rat helping out our two chefs in the kitchen, it's been fun. We got to do the dishes, bake some bread, and chop up some vegetables for the salad. For lunch we served macaroni and cheese and for dinner we made boston burgers with mashed potatoes, I ate the vegeterian option since I'm vegetarian but the others told us the burgers were delicious, hopefully they were telling the truth (maybe not).

When we were finished rounding up I went down to the mess room to play cards with my mates. In my opinon today has been a good day especially since we worked very efficiently which gave us the opportunity to get a lot of breaks, today I´ve spent my spare time reading in our assigned Swedish book and sunbathing on the foredeck.

Tomorrow I'm really looking forward to going to Caiscais with my classmates.

Nellie Jäwert Port side


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