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Dolphins and a turtle

For me and my watch the day started at 03:30, we went up on deck and started working. I was lookout man, lifebouyguard and helmsman.

Those workes are very nice when you are seasick wich I was this morning. When you can’t see any lights without the ships navigation light you can see the stars very clear, wich is amazing. We didn’t only saw alot of constellations and starfalls, we saw also the planet Venus that shined really bright. I was really tired after working for four hours that early in the morning so after the nightwatch I went back to bed. When I slept for I while I went up to deck and saw some dolphins and a alone little turtle. I didn’t know you could see turtles in the atlantic between Malaga and Tenerife, but like they says you learn a new thing every day:) For lunch we eat cornsoup which tasted really good. The chef and the galleyrats makes really good food in the galley. After some hours of studying the ship stopped and it was time for the first swimstop in the atlantic. The water was kind of cold but also really nice. It’s a really cool and a special feeling when you are swimming and it’s 3000 meters to the bottom. After a while it was time for whatch again. We hoist some sails so we could turn off the engine and only the wind took us ahead, so amazing! After some dinner it was time for bed again. This was my day, hope you liked reading about it!

Moa Engström


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