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Dolphins everywhere!

At about 11:10 am, my cabin was woken up. As per usual, me and my roommates were very tired but we still managed to get up and eat our first meal of the day before our watch started. We were given the information that the weather on deck was pretty warm and so I only had a t-shirt and a hoodie with working trousers.

During our first watch, we were not given too much work at all and as a matter of fact we were taught about cartography and wind theory, as well as we climbed a bit. The view from above was stunning. Although not too much happened during the vast majority of the watch, all of a sudden one of my mates --- yelled “Dolphins on portside!!”.

We were all taken by storm and everybody ran towards portside to see dolphins, everywhere. They launched themselves out of the water with stunning pace, a show that amazed all of us and as a matter of fact this was my very first time seeing any sort of wildlife at seas besides from Swedish fish and seals and such. This encounter made me very excited and so the first watch of the day was already over.

Afterwards we went off watch and so we had a couple of lessons, ate dinner and later on went to bed in order to be well rested before our next watch.

Once more, my cabin was awoken at 11:20 pm and the weather was very windy and so we needed to wear a ton of clothes to protect from the harsh winds. I’ve never before seen so many stars like when I got on deck that night.

There was a moment of appreciation when my watch got on deck and besides working we managed to see a lot of star falls.

Hjalmar, port watch


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