Öckerö gymnasium

Down south

We awoke for our watch that started at 4 in the morning after the celebration of a new year.

While on deck we could see two different islands but none of them were El Hierro which is the wanted island where we want to be. But that didn't matter because we are ahead on schedule so the pilot of El Hierro island would not have let us enter the harbor anyways, we have been sailing with motor the entire way because the wind has been blowing straight at us so there is no point to set any sails. So to make time fly we play different games on deck, for example hide and seek. Or we take time to memorize what all the wires on deck do.

After the watch the sun came up and the temperature got high, and in order to cool off we stopped the engine and had a bathing stop in the ocean, between two Canary Islands. And then our day watch started which means we just sit still on deck, the only thing we do is to wash the deck from all the salt water using fresh water.

Edvin Boberg Saarva, portside


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