Öckerö gymnasium

Early crayfish party

The 26th of April, a day of relaxation and comfort that resulted in discomfort and warmth.

Today’s been a day where us teenagers really have shown our growth. Even with thorough instructions from our nurse to wear sunscreen, “some” students decided it wasn’t time to stop question the adults and “they” did the opposite. But the day didn’t start off that way. At around 8.30 the crew went over different safety precautions such as where to go if you need lifeboats and what do to if someone falls in the water. After that almost everyone except the portside guard, left for Miami beach. Whilst being there people swam, sunbathed and ate at different places along the beach.

Even with a result of crayfish-like bodies, the last day in Miami has been a good one. Picnic at the beach and ice-cream on Lincoln road has been the perfect way to say good bye to Miami and we’re finishing our stay by watching “12 years a slave” as preparation for our English assignment. Tomorrow we’re leaving for Charleston and we’ll be sailing for 3 days. Though we only have 4 days behind us and have the whole trip to look forward to, it feels like we’ve been here for weeks. The old habits from our last time on Gunilla are slowly coming back and the feeling of comfort has returned.

But don’t worry! Our homes are still in Sweden and we hope you’re taking good care of them as well as yourselves.

Best regards,

Maja Olausson



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