Öckerö gymnasium

Early morning

A morning with stress, pancakes and tiredness on our lovely Gunilla.

My day started at 03.30 am when me and my watch-friends had to woke up. My first thoughts was like ‘’oh no, I don’t have the energy for watch again’’. But you can’t choose to lay done in your bed instead of go to watch. Trust me if I could just snooze for at least an hour I would! Don’t get me wrong, for the most of the time I love to be on watch but it just the mornings who’s though for me. No human could honestly say that it’s nice to wake up 03.30 am every day. I’m always the one in my cabin who’s the last one up from the bed and have the shortest time to make myself ready for watch in time. I law in my bed until the clock showed 3.47 and it was 8 minutes left. I picked my coziest clothes and got dressed. Even dough it was a morning witch rush it I felt pretty good in this moment because I knew I was going to be in the galley this morning. It deepens what I think is the funniest work here on board but right now I think it’s so fun to be in the galley. I love to bake and to make the watch happy with different snacks.

For night snack it was the ordinary sandwiches on the schedule. But the thing was that all the bread was eaten up of the watch before...Me and Ester who also was in the galley together with me had to come up with a new quick idea so we had something to serve 5 o’clock. We came up with scones and started to bake. The scones got done right in time and became a success among the watch, a big relief for me and Ester.

Because of starboard’s gluttonies there was still no bread which was an issue. When Kalle the chef came 6 o’clock we discussed what do for breakfast now when we didn’t have any bread. We came up with the great idea to do blueberry pancakes. All the students became so happy and though it was the best breakfast in weeks. I don’t just think the pancakes had a great taste, I think the most fun part was to cook them. I’m looking forward to cook and eat Swedish pancakes with raspberry jam and whipped cream when I’m home.

The rest of the day had the same routine as all the other days on the sea. We studied and went on watch again at 4 pm. Even dough it had been a normal day I have felt very happy today, nothing to complain on. Today it’s seven days left on this adventure and a lot of us here on board are counting the days. Everybody miss Sweden and everything it has to offer. The biggest thing people miss here is the food back home. I’m looking forward for a lot of things but at the same time I also want to enjoy the time who’s left here. So I try to don’t think of Sweden to often and to just be in the moment. I try my best even dough I miss the Swedish pancakes…

Have a great day, bye!

Wilma Berg, Midships watch


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