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IT’S TIME FOR BREAKFAST! was my alarm clock this morning. I’ve always been aware of my troubles with waking up on time, but these last two days I’ve become painfully aware of it.

Yesterday I didn’t wake up for breakfast at all so although i had quite an abrupt awakening today I was grateful for being able to eat breakfast before going to work in the caboose. I had a great day mostly chopping things and listening to good music. It might seem dull but it’s amazing how much great music can do for your overall mood.

Whilst I’m talking about making food I can mention that from the meals I’ve eaten on the ship so far. I’m not likely to be going hungry (I promise mom).

But my first dinner in Lisbon was quite strange. After a long day of walking up, down, back and forth through the city we were tired and famished. So me and my friends decided that we wanted to eat at a restaurant named C.O.W. that we had passed some hours ago. After finding our way back through the colourful streets of Lisbon we found the restaurant closed. My friend Rasmus and I were especially miserable about not being able to sit down and order juicy steaks for dinner.

After this mishap the group decided that we were going to sit down at the next restaurant we saw, regardless of the menu. It so happened that we only had to walk around the corner to find another restaurant. We were seated and started looking at the menus, almost instantaneously both Rasmus and I decided that if we couldn’t get steaks we would at least have the next best thing: Hamburgers.

The menu said that the hamburger would contain an egg. I thought to myself that it was strange having invented something so perfect as a hamburger and decide to put eggs in it. But what would I be doing on this boat if I didn’t like trying new things? So Rasmus and I ordered our hamburgers and were happy as Larry.

Imagine my surprise when the food came in. Not only had they laid the egg on top of the burger. They had also poured what I would later discover to be a type of red wine sauce, over the burger and all over the fries. I was a bit grossed out, but I decided that the only right thing to do was to dig in, and to my surprise I discovered that it was actually quite tasty. Even though my fries became all soggy. But all the weirdness was forgotten after we ordered deserts and a delicious chocolate mousse that had a hint of salted caramel was placed before me.

When we were finished we got up and had a cozy stroll along the docks back to the boat.

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