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English blogg 01-06-2019

Waking up in my own bed, after a full night of sleep and taking a morning nap wouldn’t sound so bad right about now. Of course, would that ever sound bad? But sometimes you miss home, parents and cats included; I swear! Life can be difficult sometimes onboard and often you miss your personal belongings and personal space more than anything. 

I heard the others had quite a lot of fun during their watch, 12-4 in the morning of all time. Personally, I tend to have a harder time trying to make fun because of all the falling asleep and Leo, our second mate, pushing his face real close to mine and saying “you awake?”. To which I would promptly respond with a half-hearted and kind of indignated voice saying “well of course I’m awake! What do you think of me?”

Anyways, the others seemed to have a lot of fun during the 12-4 watch. The sea fire seemingly became aware that it could glisten and somehow the whole sea was glittering like the night sky. As we (they) are, after all, children of science, we (they) decided to start experimenting. One experiment consisted of a blender and some sea water, which I’ve heard went along quite nicely and as so, you can imagine the results. Whilst the other consisted of Leo, our second mate, dipping his beard in a bucket of sea water, then pulling his beard out of said bucket filled with sea water and looking like a rather funny version of father Christmas (with dreads and crocs and all).

But all that I’ve heard. Personally, I’ve been locked away under deck, quite unshockingly because of an ear inflammation, but shockingly because of the penicillin I’m taking for it. It’s given me quite the side effects, with my entire body hurting as if I’d run a triathlon, climbed up Pico twice and then threw myself of the royal, hitting the water straight on from a 30 meters jump. Now I know what your first thought might be, ‘she must be exaggerating’, and of course I am. What else would you expect from an, extremely bored, seventeen-year-old such as myself. As I have been unable to participate on watch, my time has been spent laying around and catching up on some tv shows that one of my mates, Alex, has downloaded on the most popular USB bank on the boat. Containing every movie from Harry Potter to Django and every show from Game of Thrones to South Park, my hands have been full.

On another note, the cockroach competition has taken a far more interesting turn after the catch of “Örjan”, the new Gunilla Mascot. The cockroaches we’ve since before been catching have ranged from size 4mm up to 2cm, but the newest treasure of Adam, midships best catcher, has measured to the splendid length of 4 cm – and is growing fast. The capture of Örjan has raised a lot of debates containing: “A roach that big should surely be counted as 10!”, “Get that thing away from me!”, “What does it eat? Humans!”, “Oliver I swear to god if that thing comes into our cabin, I’m going to castrate you with it!”, “If we cannot count it as several then we should start a brand new competition where it doesn’t count how many cockroaches we catch, just who catches the biggest.” Soar losers is all I say. Right now, I am proud to say that port is winning by a pretty huge margin of 174 cockroaches caught, whilst midships and starboard are at about 50 each.

I think this sums up life pretty well, then. Til’ we see you back home, bye.

Astrid Cider, Port.


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