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English blog October 20

It is 3:20 and we are awakened by the guard. She says it's cold and rainig so we have to take on all sailing gear. You then get dressed while the whole boat swings. When you get out on the deck it is very dark and full storm. We go up on pop deck and change work forces.

Then the commanders says that we need to change the angle of the sails. We walk to the ropes and start pulling as warm sea water fluches up on the deck. When we have finished working, the sun had risen and the clock was 08:00. The next work force takes over. I go down to my cabin and fall asleep almost immediately after this tuff morning on deck. When it is 16:00, work continues with improved weather until 20:00. After this shift, I do some homework and talk to my friends. I then go to sleep at 23:00 to wake up and start working at 03:20 again

Willy Hedlund, starboard watch


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