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English blog October 26

Initially my group, amidships, had to guard the ship in the morning before we were allowed to get ready at 10am by a one-and-a-half-hour margin until we were leaving for our host families.

When everyone was ready, we left the boat in the student groups we would be staying with and not long after we met our Spanish host families. Frankly, I was taken back a little when I saw how nice and welcoming they were when they acted almost immediately as if we were old acquaintances. When we started to walk towards the parking lot I could see another family that was coming along with ours and with a little explanation we found out that they were old acquaintances to the family I ended up in. ByBy then it was clear that we would hang out together for the rest of the day in the same way as then.

After driving for a long time we came to the beach where we had lunch at a restaurant with chicken carcasses that were roasting just next to the entrance. Once inside there were several different interesting menu choices with everything from soup to meat but since we are the most Swedish it can get it ended up with almost all students ordering pizza of different varieties. Afterwards we went and looked at several beautiful buildings including an old church and then followed the coast back to the restaurant where we ordered ice cream in a shop just next door. After a drive home we looked a bit at where we would sleep and eat etc and me and the other guy in my group ended up in a room where the beds were incredibly comfy and could shift the bed to raise both the head end and the foot end with a control stuck to the side of the bed while the girls had worse beds but a TV with netflix to their usage. Afterwards we went to visit the school where the girl in our family goes where the rest of my classmates had already gathered to get a tour of the school. The school divided the different age groups into the different levels of the building and had several unique rooms such as a theater room. After the tour was complete we had a snacks (Swedish fika) outside the school where they had everything from sandwiches to donuts and to cheesecakes. Of course, almost all Swedes stormed the sweets table as well as the drinks table and not long after you could really see the grouping based on the different food tables. As time went on, the Spaniards started with karaoke inside a large room in their school where the involvement was not so great with the Swedes until someone put on the "little frogs". Then almost everything changed where our entire school stood up and danced while their school sat down confused why every single Swedish danced to a children's song. After a few hours of dancing, everyone started to pull out and the majority decided to go into town and have a snacks(fika)

Since no one from our school brought money with them, we quickly changed our plans. Instead, the Spaniards led us further into town where we found a large empty area next to a church where we started playing mafia and a form of hide and seek (pantgömmde). Afterwards they offered us some snacks from a nearby store and then we split up and we went home. Once home we shared presents with the family. First of all we got candy and some snacks from the mom as well as a cute message and from the dad he gave us a used drum stick for each and everyone of us. Might not sound so nice, but since he was a drummer and had been playing at a concert while we were at karaoke, it was probably the best he could have given us. On top of that, he had also written our names on the side, which was really nice of him.

Instead of going to bed in the early night, we went up to the girls' room with the host family's daughter and watched a playful horror movie. When it was finished at about 12 o'clock pm I was almost out of energy and with the other guy we went down and fell asleep in our own beds.

Ludvig Johansson, amidships watch


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