Öckerö gymnasium

Eurovision at a volcano island

It was a peaceful and quiet morning until Finland's Eurovision song Cha
Cha Cha blasted out in the corridor.

Everyone flew up from their beds
more awake than we’ve ever been during this trip, but luckily we could
calm down in time for breakfast. We were served porridge which suited us
perfectly since we had a long, but interesting day to face.

At nine o’clock our bus took us to the volcano museum where we split up in half
and got guided through the exhibition. We learnt about the landscape
nearby and how it had been shaped by the lava and erosion during all
those years. We were allowed to enter a lighthouse that had been partly
buried in volcanic ashes and let me tell you what a beautiful view we

The Atlantic ocean was reaching out to the horizon and splashed up
on the huge lava rocks. Later on we continued our bus tour to a forest
or should I say park; it was a lot of trees and other plants, almost
like a jungle, with a stone house and some wooden benches. There was a
fireplace where we did our best to grill hamburgers, and it went alright
except from the little detail that the meat was still raw in the middle,
but nobody got sick afterwards so who am I to complain?

The bus moved on and this time we formed a choir singing the “elephant balancing on a
spider's thread” song until we took a quick break to take some photos of
the landscape. A few minutes later we arrived at a gigantic crater, it
was about 2000 meters to the other side and the birds we saw were small
dots barely noticeable. We took some pictures, but it wasn’t as
fascinating as it is in reality so we’ll do our best to remember the

Last but not least we went to a beach with lava sand and trust
me; it was as hot as lava as well! I think everyone burnt their feet,
but it felt alright anyway because we got some chocolate balls and an
apple as a snack. When we got home it was almost dinner time and a few
of us decided to go and get some pizza which we ate outside while
viewing the village. Afterwards we bought snacks and snuggled up on
“backen '' ready to watch the eurovision song contest. The night ended
perfectly with Sweden in first place and a beautiful night sky.

Best regards
// Louise <3


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