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Everything is in your psyche

Two days since we came here to Gunilla and we are all already feeling familiar with the boat and everyone on it. We have been working all those two days with basic knowledge of the boat, how to be a successful night guard and how to climb.

Today we´ve learned how to set on and off sail while climbing on the borderlines and it sounds easier than you may think. I have a grave fear of heights and that did the job while climbing much tougher. My whole body shaked up there on the borderlines and the shakings got so worse I couldn´t keep my eyes from tears. Down, down, down, I just wanted to climb down, far away of that pole, in to my cabin and under my blanket. But that little cell in my body that didn´t want to climb down and give up like a coward, maked me manage my fear. I just decided that I will climb as high as I can, I will fix the job and I will manage my fears for heights.

And so I did, calmly and secure, the next thought I had after climbing down of that pole was to climb up again. Over and over again. Everything really lays in you and your psyche and everything lays on you to decide. As soon we are sailing away from Safi and coming to Las Palmas, I promise you one of those sails are settled up by me.

Cora, starboard


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