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Excursion the D-day

Today we had to wake up on the same time as always, at 7 am, except we needed to be at the morning meeting 7:45 instead of 8 am, because we were going to Normandy to see a few of historical monuments about the D-day.

As we had the morning meeting at 7:45 this meant that we did not hit the glass as we call it, directly translated, you can also say that you cling in a bel or something like that. So, I was a little bit sad because I think it is a nice tradition. We also didn’t raise the Swedish or the French flag. After the weird and unusual morning meeting, we went to a buss, which was waiting for us.

We were on the buss very much during the day. After about an hour drive we were at the museum, as the first stop of or D-day “journey” which was interesting and I think everybody needed to get there in order to get information for our history assignment. I think it was more interesting for us that walked beside the teacher/ guide we had, because he told us a lot of stuff that was in the museum. Some people thought it was too much information at once, however I liked it very much and I thought he was great. Then we had lunch break and some classmates and I went and looked at the Bayeux Tapestry. I never thought that the tapestry was so extremely long, it felt endless, which was pretty cool.

Then we went to one of the beaches from the D-day. We looked at a bunker that the Germans had and then we went to the American cemetery and memorial center of D-day. There were a lot of feelings and thoughts that came up in my head but it was very beautiful with all the white marbel crosses and David stars. It was extremely American, which in this case, I think is good, because they are good at honoring the soldiers who fought until they died. On our way home we stopped at a German memorial center for German soldiers and the difference between them was huge. That reminded me of the winner of the war.

The day ended with a swim for me and two other classmates in the nasty and dirty canal and also buying a lot of snacks for the next 8 days. So it was a nice day, hope you had one two.

Good-bye J


Sarah Sedeborn


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