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Exploring La Gomera

Call me Caspian. Some weeks ago – never mind how long precisely – having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world. It is a way I have of driving off the spleen and regulating the circulation. I have now reached the small island, lying amongst the beautiful Canaries, that is called La Goméra, and I am ready to explore.

The day started at seven with getting out of bed and thereafter getting ready for breakfast. After a well-needed bowl of oatmeal I then made myself ready for watch on deck. My watch started with getting the boat ready for entering the harbor of La Gomera and thereafter continued with taking out the trash and adjusting the angle of the yards.

After four hours the watch was over and I decided to go visit the port. Firstly, we visited a few small but loaded souvenir shops in the middle of town. After that, we decided to take a trip around town. Compared with previously visited harbors, the harbor of La Gomera was more deserted of people and people-attracting places. However, I felt one got closer to the culture in a town that was not as affected by tourism. We also had a good time sitting and talking on a wall for one and a half hour.

At about 6 pm we were, after spending an hour chilling on the boat, we were ready for a second visit in the port. This time we were on the hunt for a good restaurant. It took some time but after a lot of walking and looking at prices we found a rather charming place called El Pajar. Thanks to a nice gesture from the waiters, all free small tables was put together into a long table that we all got to sit at. I ordered a squid while the others ordered some classic Mediterranean dishes like pasta and lasagna. Even though I was somewhat displeased with my squid, as a result of the other’s appeasement with their dishes and the good service of the waiters, a lot of tips was left behind when we left our table. After returning to Gunilla, the rest of the evening was spent on writing this blog. Adios!



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