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Exploring the Azores by bus

Today we’ve seen San Miguel by bus. We stopped at many destinations, watching beautiful views and a botanical garden with an orange pool. We’ve visited Europes oldest tea plantage and a deserted beach.

Our taxi driver from the other day told us that the Islands in the Azores archipelago each had its own color. One of the islands is brown, one is yellow and San Miguel, which is the one we’re on is the green one. And I’d say it’s very green, even though it’s winter everything’s green. Glancing out the window during our bus trip all we saw was beautiful green landscape.

We started our day by visiting a beach to do a beach excursion, it went a bit unsuccessful I’d say. There were almost no living things in sight and there were huge waves crashing in on the shore. We kept going and our next stop was a local factory producing their famous pastry. The recipe was made by azorian nuns a long time ago.

We got to the, I would say, best stop of the day, the botanical garden with the orange pool. First we walked around the botanical garden. Even though it’s winter there were still some flowers in bloom. But I can imagine it being even more beautiful during summer with the entire garden covered in beautiful flowers. Then it was time to have a swim. It was very varm, with a temperature of 38 degrees. We had been told that blonde hair could be colored orange in the water so we were very cautious about not letting our hair get in the water. But afterwards we’ve come to the conclusion that it probably was a joke.

Our last stop was at the tea factory where there were big fields of green leaf bushes that looked almost like a labyrinth. The actual factory was very beautiful and on the inside there were a lot of machines, since they weren’t producing tea at this time the entire factory almost looked like a museum. We had a lovely day even though the weather wasn’t at it’s best. Tomorrow some of us are going horseback riding which we’re looking forward to, although we’ve never done that before.

Elsa Fjordstrand, starboard


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