Öckerö gymnasium

Exploring the Dominican Republic

Today we’ve been on a tour to different places nearby.

We ate breakfast at 6 o’clock and left quite early to get to the bus that waited for us outside of the port. First we visited the culture centre and had a guided tour through the building which was really pretty. Especially in the middle where there was a little park with different kinds of bushes and trees.

Then we went back into the bus and went off to the coffee roastery located about half an hour away. The ride was appriciated thanks to the nice view and that the bus had its own wifi! Of course the visit to the roastery or plantage was appriciaded as well. We tried their coffee and some of us bought some beans to bring back home.

The next stop was a beach where we swam and tried to get a bit tanned for a couple of hours.

At three pm we were headed back to the boat, but stopped two times to buy mangos and pineapples. After some traffic and a stop to visit the loo, we were finally back at our lovely Gunilla.

This was actually our (babords) day to take care of the boat but ”sadly” the whole day was spent some elsewhere. A good day at the Dominican Republic to say the least!



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