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Faroe Islands in sight

Today we woke up by the beautiful sight of the Faroe Islands. The captain decided right a way to make a turn so that we could get a better view of them.

Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side. A big cloud quickly covered the steep mountains and they also made the wind slowly fade away. Therefor we had to accept our fate; not sailing through the Faroe island. But who am I to complain? The sun is shining, it is relatively warm and we are finally sailing! All sails are set and the energy is on top. Gunilla is nicely rocking back and forth, and if you looked closely out on the sea you could see hump whales surfing and jumping through the waves.

Starboard are on watch and working on deck, which means trimming the sails to perfection and of course doing some maintaining work. Our average speed today was around 5 knots. Meanwhile the others are below deck studying, playing cards, laughing and catching up on some sleep. I on the other hand am working in the kitchen, serving chocolate ice cream and gof, which is a Danish strawberry merengue. Everyone loved it. We even hade to scrape the last out the big bowl with two small spoons.

Now is my class over for today and I am on my way up on deck for another exiting watch. Hope all is well at home and I pray your sunset is as lovely as I can see that our is going to be.

Radomir Dragovic, Styrbord


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