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Fastest pancakes ever made!

The sun was shining as usual and there were no clouds on the sky. The water was clear blue and people screamed when water from the sea washed
up on deck. The dishwasher is still broken and the AC is barely working…
On todays watches, I have worked in the kitchen with my friend Hilda. It is her birthday and I am really glad that I got to be with her on her day.

The day started at 02.45 am. Me and two other people decided to get up a
bit earlier so we didn’t have to stress like we do every other morning.
So now we had an hour to get ready for watch. It was really nice but I
don’t think we needed an hour.

At 4 am when our watch started, I worked in the kitchen with Hilda and
the ”nattfika” was pancakes. It was hard to get round and even pancakes
when the boat is tilting. But we did it and the results where amazing.
The pancakes were very tasty. But we had one problem when wi made them.
We had no batch left so we had to do more and we had no idea how to do
it. But Hilda ran down in one of the rooms and found some kind of pancake mix, mixed some ingredients (I don’t know what), and then 2 minutes later we had more batch. It was really funny and I don’t understand how she could be so fast. The pancakes was very good and everyone thanked us before they got out in the dark night to work again.

When our watch ended at 8 am we went to sleep and that nap between 8 am
and 12 am is the best I’ve ever taken. Because it was Hildas birthday, we got chocolate cake. It was very good.

There is a place called ”lilla mässen” witch is the place we sit and eat when we are on the sea. The day ended there as any other night, we talked about the day and then went to sleep because 6 hours later, it was time to go on watch again!

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