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Feeling like I’m home

Rain, rain and wind. That’s what the first two hours of our guard looked like. When I took my first step out on main deck this morning, I was greated by rain and heavy wind. I thougt it was just like the everyday weather back home.

Today started just like yesterday, and the day before that, with one
from the other guard waking us up. Getting up from bed to get some lunch
has become a normal thing by now. It’s quite nice that we can choose
between breakfast and lunch. Personally, I think it’s great because i
don’t find the breakfast all too tempting, the bread isn’t very tasty.

After lunch we began our guard-duty, so it was time to put on boots,
rainjacket and rain pants and go out. The guard began with a riggwalk. I
climed the rigg and sat there at a platform halfway up for half an hour
trying my best to hide from the rain. After that well spent time it was
time to get back to work. Our assignment was to take down one of the
topmost sails so up in the rigg we went again. The reason for taking up
the sails was that we were sailing to fast. It sounds quiet ridiculus,
how can you sail too fast? We have been saling faster than expected so
tonight we will arrive in England. The problem is that our captain
didn’t order pilots until tomorrow morning so we are trying our best to
bide our time.

Our guardleader is from Norway so today she has been in a great mood.
She was excited enough for the 17th may too bake pavlova. Today we
played Norweigan games and ate the pavlova she baked in the honor of

It’s going to be really nice to finally reach England tomorrow. I have
been fantasising about a really good fish and chips for the last couple
of days.



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