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Final day in Las Palmas

The night has been long for amidship watch. All the way into the early hours midship has been sitting up on ship watch. We have taken turns sitting watch during the night which has worked out well. Altough the uncomfortable watchshifts the visit has been nice, the night has been quiet and cool. In my experience the duty was easy to calmly accomplish with full attention to the assignments. We have walked the round continguinely and done the laundry through the whole night. By six AM we woke up the galley assistants and by seven AM all others. By this time the night´s laundry and round had been accomplished and amidships can proudly take the title for best, first succesfull wake up!

Delicious breakfast was served by seven AM and the poridge had by this time gotten very popular which nowadays fastly builds up a long row. After a great breakfast the amidship watch gladly went on with the morning after looking forward for just this day. The last free watch in Las Palmas was not that far away! After the general meeting the amidship watch fastly got back downstairs to ours cabin in hurry to get done for an eventful day! Wishes for the day were big. For the whole day amidship would have free watch which meant that there was big possibilities for different kinds of activities. ¨The old town¨ appeared to be a popular place to visit among the other students in school, some decided to jump on the trend! Shopping in Las Palmas become the focus for some and for others the beach! It would become a sunny day with 27 degrees celcius!

Swimsuits, cash and sunscreen was brought. By shortly passed nine AM some of the amidship begun to get on with their plans and went off the ship. To catch the day was something the watch this day more or less valued high! By the harbour and its beautifully palms there is a mall which was perfect to pass by in order get some snacks for the beach! In town there was a lot of pretty souvenires and clothes. Some secondThe houses looks beautiful together with their variety in colors and unice structures. The plants and trees are well taken care of and are placed in between the small streets.

There is a lot of restaurants in Las Palmas! Some decided to eat both dinner and lunch in town today or partly. The food got great reviews from bothly the cheaper ones as the more expensive ones. Pasta, pizza and hamburger meals appeared to be some of the choices of the day.

The promenad along the popular beach ¨playa de las canteras¨ straight across the town from the harbour was beautiful and offered a bunch of stores. At the end of the beach there was an big open spot to look out over the sea. From here the town curved beautifully along the coastline and in the background you could see mountains. This place is popular among surfers and some surfed in high waves during our visit which seemed fun but dangerous close to the cliffs.

By dinner at six PM chicken curry with rice was served back on the boat which was extremely tasty! The chefs makes incredible good food!

During the evening some walked to the store to get some hygiene-articles, candy and soda before the sailing tomorrow! The evening was filled with emotions. Talking directly to family for the last time in 2 months was quite hard. Kajen was filled with students. After a long, sunny and great day amidships went to sleep and the visit of Las Palmas would soon be over.

Agnes Olofsson Rist, amidships watch


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